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    Course: Neurodiversity and Leadership

    The Neurodiversity and Leadership program educates professionals about neurodiversity using a strength-based, biodiversity lens. Through reflection, lecture, guest appearances, and discussion, we will uncover some of our own biases and learn tools that will help us better lead neurodiverse individuals. We will consider topics such as work assignments, hiring practices, motivation, and support as we explore the unique experiences of autistic people, as well as those with ADHD, sensory sensitivities, mental health challenges, etc.

    Programs Associated with this Course
    • Neurodiversity and Leadership Workshop
    Who Should Attend

    • Leaders who are hoping to expand their understanding of neurodiversity and build better, more diverse teams
    • Leaders who have been diagnosed with and/or suspect they may have neurodiversity
    • HR professionals who want to expand diversity within their organization
    • Leaders who supervise someone with neurodiversity


    Participants will walk away with:

    • A better understanding about neurodiversity and ableism
    • A more comprehensive understanding of their own biases
    • Knowledge about the potential strengths and challenges of those with neurodiversity
    • Tools and techniques to better recruit, motivate, support and lead neurodiverse individuals


    1.      Understanding Neurodiversity

    • Medical Model
    • Social Model
    •  Biodiversity
    • Autism
      • Medical Model & Biases
      • Sensory Sensitivities (Hyper/Hypo), Empathy (Hyper/Hypo), Emotional Regulation, Stimming, Social Components and Double Empathy Problem
      • Voices of Autism - hearing from autistic persons directly
      • Strengths of Autism
      •  Challenging our Assumptions
    • ADHD
      • Medical Model & Biases
      • Executive Function, Emotional Regulation, Movement, Sensory Sensitivities, etc.
      • Voices of ADHD 
      • Strengths of ADHD
      • Challenging our assumptions
    •  Others
      • Dyslexia
      • Dyspraxia
      • PDA
      • Mental Health 

    2.      Ableism & Challenging our biases

    3.      Reinventing the Learning, Leadership Experience & Work Experience

    • Current Learning & Leadership Model: Expectations, Problems, and Options
    • Environment
    • Work Assignments 
    • Hiring Practices
    • Leadership & Motivation
    • Culture of understanding, inclusivity and growth


    When are the class meetings?
    The class will meet for five synchronous online meetings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM CT on Thursdays, beginning April 18 and run through May 16. Participants will have an optional one-on-one coaching session with Renee during the session, as well as optional small group check ins over the course of the five weeks.

    What credential will I receive for this class?
    Participants who successfully complete the class will receive a certificate of completion from DePaul.

    Are there grades for the workshop?
    No. This is an ungraded course.

    What materials are required?
    There is no textbook. Other materials will be made available to participants during the sessions.

    Do I get DePaul credit for this class?
    No, but some DePaul CPE courses have been approved for CEU credits. This is a professional education class with different requirements than courses taken for academic credit.

    For More Information, Contact:

    Hap Bryant

    Phone: +1 312-362-6327

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