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    Course: Organizational Behavior Management

    This five-week course in Organizational Behavior Management for incoming entry-level to executive professionals improves their knowledge of how to retain, motivate, and engage their employees. This course will allow an individual to focus upon the human behaviors within their organization, and to work to effectively change the work environment in order to improve employee performance, engagement, retention, and the overall culture of the company.

    In this course, you will develop the ability to design a motivating work environment focused upon goal setting, gain skills on how to use motivational theories to motivate your employees within the workplace, and gain an understanding on how to increase job performance within the workplace in order to create more knowledgeable employees and see less turnover and absenteeism.

    Programs Associated with this Course
    • Organizational Behavior Management Course
    Who Should Attend

    This program is for those individuals currently working in or working towards the fields of:

    • Human Resources
    • Management
    • Psychology
    • Healthcare
    • Nonprofit and For-profit organizations and more

    From incoming entry-level individuals to executive professionals, the information provided will be beneficial in order to improve retention rates, behaviors, and provide an organization with a diverse, motivated, and innovative work environment.


    • Knowing the best strategies to increase and maintain employee retention rates
    • Increasing productivity rates within one’s workplace, department, and or team
    • Understanding one’s employees’ attitudes and behaviors to reduce employee turnover
    • Increasing job performance in the workplace to create more knowledgeable employees and see less turnover and absenteeism
    • Developing the ability to design a motivating work environment focused upon goal setting
    • Gaining skills on how to use motivational theories to motivate your employees within the workplace


    Week 1-Decoding the Workplace: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in Organizational Behavior

    • Emerging & Innovative Trends in OB-Remote/Hybrid Work, Aging Workforce, Technology Disruptions, Ethics
    • Values Compatibility

    Week 2-Understanding Organizational Fit in the Workplace

    • Determining person-organization/job fit-Am I hiring the “right” person for the organization?
    • Values Alignment
    • Personality Traits & Your Team
    •  Individual Differences-Culture, Ethics

    Week 3- Employee Attitudes & Behaviors in Organizational Success

    • Assessing Work Attitudes & Alignment to Job Performance
    • Minimizing Absenteeism
    • Reducing Turnover

    Week 4-Using Motivational Theories to Boost Productivity, Satisfaction, and Success in the Workplace

    • Assessing Employee Needs
    • Rewards verses Punishments in the Workplace Setting
    • Motivation & Cultural Considerations of the Workforce

    Week 5-Strategies for Cultivating a Motivating & Productive Workplace

    • How to provide effective performance feedback
    • Setting accurate SMART goals
    • Individual Based Incentives
    • Team Based Incentives
    • Organizational Based Incentives


    Do I need to purchase a textbook? Yes, we will be using Bauer, T., Erdogan, B. (2022). Essentials of organization behavior: Bridging science and practice v4.0. Flatworld.

    Online Access: $35.95

    Downloadable Textbook with Online Acccess and Read Aloud: $55.95

    Color Printed Textbook: $60.95

    Color Printed, Downloadable Textbook, and Online Access with Read Aloud- $80.95

    The option of which version to purchase is up to you.

    Additional readings: We will be using a variety of free videos/articles/etc. that will be of no additional cost to you.

    For More Information, Contact:

    Hap Bryant

    Phone: +1 312-362-6327

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    Organizational Behavior Management

    Dates: 09/9/2024 - 10/13/2024
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    Cost: $895.00
    Registration Deadline: 09/2/2024 - a $75 late fee will be assessed after this date for late registrations
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