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Course: Education for Global Citizenship

This course examines education for global citizenship, or what is also called cosmopolitanism and world citizenship. Global citizenship is the idea that human individuals, irrespective of place of birth or cultural background, are citizens of the world. This course explores the idea of global citizenship and its implications for questions of justice, culture, and education. The course engages global citizenship from its historical development in the Western philosophical tradition, beginning in Ancient Greece, through the Enlightenment and into its most recent incarnation as a response to conditions of globalization. It will consider the manifestations of global citizenship beyond the West, with an especial focus on global citizenship in the pedagogy of value-creating educators Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda, and Daisaku Ikeda. Drawing resources from various disciplines (political theory, anthropology, moral philosophy, curriculum theory), this course seeks to understand the potential and limitations of global citizenship to respond to contemporary issues in education in times of globalization.

Programs Associated with this Course
  • Certificate in Microcredential & Macrocredential in Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship

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