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    Course: Project Management Essentials

    Everyone has managed projects at some level, whether for home, work, or leisure activities. In the workplace, you may be assigned to a project team with the assumption that you already understand project management processes and what is happening beyond your specific role and assigned tasks.

    Few courses focus on the essentials of project management for beginners, novices, or those seeking an overview of project management and its main concepts and processes from a high level, big picture perspective.

    This five-week asynchronous, online course provides an overview of the foundational principles, tools, processes, socio-technical skills, and terminology associated with the discipline of formally managing projects or working as team members. The goal is to enable project team members, project expediters/coordinators, or first-time project managers or executives to recognize and apply this foundational knowledge to work effectively on a project team.

    A film/case study will be used to demonstrate project management in action. Some special topics will be included to provide additional insight into the more advanced aspects of Project Management from an informational standpoint.

    Programs Associated with this Course
    • Project Management Essentials Workshop
    Who Should Attend

    This course is designed for non-project managers (those involved in projects but do not manage them, and/or subject matter experts, coordinators, contributors, team members and executives), who are interested in learning more about the world of project management and the knowledge/skills needed as an effective Project Team Member or Project Coordinator/Manager.


    After completing this course, you will:

    • Have a better grasp of what project management is, its processes, and its essential principles and concepts
    • Have a better understanding of the big picture and the key processes of managing projects so that you recognize where your assigned tasks fit into the bigger picture
    • Be familiar with the terminology and tools used so that you can more effectively work as a team member and be better prepared to organize and manage your first projects
    • Demonstrate greater confidence and skill working on projects


    • Week 1: Overview of Project Management; Initiating a Project
    • Week 2: Planning a Project
    • Week 3: Executing a Project
    • Week 4: Monitoring & Controlling a Project
    • Week 5: Closing a Project; Course Wrap-up


    What materials will be used in this course?

    • Kogon, K., Blakemore, S., & Wood, J. (2015). PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR THE UNOFFICIAL PROJECT MANAGER. BenBella Books. ISBN 978-1-941631-10-2 (paperback) ISBN 978-1-941631-11-9 (electronic)
    • Warner Brothers Movies Ocean’s Eleven 2001.
    • Course text will be integrated into the class for reading and discussion
    • The 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven with supplemental notes and example documents will be used as a case study to illustrate leading practices, risk management, and troubleshooting techniques
    • Course slides in the form of PowerPoint with notes and presented in PDF format will deliver the course content
    • Discussion forums in D2L will provide peer learning and exchange of ideas
    • Quizzes will provide students with guidance on their learning progress and grasp of course principles and content
    • Additional videos and articles to support key learning concepts will be used

    What are the expectations for grading?
    Your grade for the course will be determined by satisfactory achievement of the following requirements:

    40%: Weekly Knowledge Check Quizzes (5 total)

    40%: Class participation: Online Discussions and Activities (8 total)

    20%: Assignments (2 total)

    How should I understand "paced, asynchronous study"? 
    study is that which follows a schedule. This course has five modules, each lasting one week starting Monday at 12:01 AM and ending the following Sunday at 11:59 PM Central Time.

    There are graded discussions with an initial deadline of Thursday night and a final deadline of Sunday night. There are quizzes in several modules which are also due on Sunday nights. This will help you to plan your time accordingly during the week.

    Online means that the course content is delivered via D2L by selecting the Content link. Although we will be moving through the content in sequential order, (one module per week), all of the content for all five modules is already here for you in case you like to look ahead.

    Asynchronous means that unlike a face-to-face course where you need to be in a classroom with the instructor and other students at a specified place and time, this course is delivered entirely online, with no face-to-face requirement.

    The Module overviews take the place of the in-person lecture, and you may review these as quickly as you like or as slowly as you need to fit your pace. And you may keep and review these as you like; they are the same as the lecture provided in the in-person class. You may participate in the class the discussion forums at a time which fits your schedule within the established due dates.

    How much class time (in-person or online) will be involved?
    An estimated 20-25 hours between watching the film, reading course text, viewing course content, participating in discussion forums, and completing quizzes and assignments.

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    Project Management Essentials

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