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    Level 1 Training Workshop

    Training will focus on introduction of skills to become a Level I Trainer (L1T) for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). PCIT is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based parent management program for families who have children with externalizing behavior problems. The program is unique in comparison to other parent management programs in that it involves coaching parents as they interact with their young child (ages 2 years to 6 years, 11 months). Level I Trainers are individuals who have received such PCIT training as to be qualified to teach and supervise therapists at their own program or agency, with a scope of trainership that is limited to their physical location or site using a mentorship model.

    Who Should Attend

    The Level I Trainer course is geared toward independently licensed mental health providers, psychology pre-doctoral interns and psychology postdoctoral fellows who have completed at least four PCIT cases to graduation criteria as well as PCIT Therapist Certification and want to train others in their agency. The purpose of the course is to prepare PCIT Therapists to become PCIT Level I Trainers (L1T). This 8-hour workshop and 12 months of consultation are required components to become a PCIT International Certified L1T.
    Please note: You must share your video during the workshop to attend this training.


    This advanced training covers techniques for supervision and training of PCIT therapists, focusing on the provision of supervisory feedback, teaching mastery criteria, structuring training, and maintaining PCIT fidelity. Additionally, a review of coding systems, including the Dyadic Parent-child Interaction Coding System (DPICS) and Code-the-Coach, will be provided. Upon achieving Certification, L1Ts are qualified to teach and supervise therapists at their own program or agency, with a scope of trainership that is limited to training within a co-therapy or mentorship model.
    Upon completion of this workshop, you will learn to:
    • Identify at least two training resources for L1T work
    • Recognize competencies necessary for certification as a PCIT Level 1 Trainer
    • Explain concepts related to providing supervisory feedback and teaching coaching
    • Describe at least three ways to assess clinician competencies
    • Practice identifying clinical activities that meet PCIT Therapist competencies
    • Apply important aspects of PCIT coding systems, including the Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System (DPICS) and Code-the-Coach
    • Recognize core features of teaching skills criteria and maintaining PCIT fidelity
    • Identify methods to structure PCIT training


    You will complete eight hours of workshop training with a PCIT International Certified Trainer covering the following topics:
    • Methods of training others in PCIT
    • Procedures for fidelity to the model
    • Evaluating and teaching coaching skills
    • Methods for determining competencies in trainees
    Following the L1T Course, you will receive:
    • 12 months of once monthly consultation with a PCIT International Certified Trainer
    • Two (2) video reviews with written feedback from a PCIT International Certified Trainer


    Are there any prerequisites for the Level 1 Training (L1T) Workshop?
    Yes. In order to attend the workshop:
    • You must have completed at least four (4) PCIT cases to graduation criteria.
    • You must be a PCIT International Certified Therapist at the time of registration.
    • You are expected to possess or purchase the Research and Training DPICS-IV Manual (Click here to purchase).
    • You must complete an L1T Prerequisite Application (Click Here for Application) in Qualtrics to confirm eligibility. Please complete the application form first, and then pay the registration fee through the link located in the Course Availability section below.
    Please note: You will be notified of your acceptance status for the Workshop within five (5) business days following successful:
    • receipt of the L1T Prerequisite Application
    • online registration payment for the Level I Trainer (L1T) Course and
    • online registration payment for the Level I Trainer (L1T) Consultation
    Will I earn CE credits for this workshop?
    DePaul Family and Community Services is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. DePaul Family and Community Services maintains responsibility for this program and its content. This program offers 8.0 CE credits. Full attendance with video participation is required to receive credit.
    What is the total cost of the L1T Course?
    The total cost is $1,800, consisting of:
    • Two-day remote/online workshop, with 8.0 APA CE credits awarded
    • Required consultation, including:
      • Once monthly group web-based consultation for 12 months
      • Two (2) video reviews
      • Paperwork preparation for certification
    Please note: The fee to apply for the L1T Course is $25 and is included in the total cost of the training. Although the $25 application fee is nonrefundable, it is applied toward the cost of training if the applicant is accepted for the L1T Course.
    Who teaches the L1T Course?
    Christina Warner-Metzger, Ph.D., hails from Oklahoma State University with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She directs the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Program at DePaul University’s Family and Community Services. She is 1 of 21 PCIT International Certified Master Trainers worldwide and a Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) Co-Developer, which provides her with clinical expertise in PCIT and CARE training and dissemination. Dr. Warner-Metzger has served as a trainer and consultant for PCIT dissemination efforts across the United States, as well as Indonesia and Australia. She is also experienced using the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) Learning Collaborative model and is a co-developer of Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE). Dr. Warner-Metzger’s clinical and research interests include Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), developmental disabilities, disruptive behavior disorders, trauma-informed systems, underserved populations, barriers to treatment participation, and dissemination efforts. She has contributed numerous peer-reviewed and invited presentations at national and international conferences. Her previous clinical work in Memphis and current work in Chicago has focused on serving urban, economically-impoverished, and minority populations.

    For More Information, Contact:

    Christina Warner-Metzger

    Phone: +1 773-325-7780

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